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Workforce Data


The Indiana Department of Workforce Development releases regular reports that highlight this areas latest labor force estimates. Click here for the latest Labor Market Review

The Indiana Department of Workforce Developement also publishes regular reports on job postings and starting wages for positions through Region 2, which includes Elkhart County.  The wages presented identify the minimum wage offered by any employer, the maximum wage offered by any employer, and the mid hourly wage offered by all employers for the listed occupational grouping.  Compensation for some jobs may include tips and/or commissions, adn benefits not accounted for in the wage listing. To view the latest Starting Wage & Job Positings click here

For the most up-to-date labor statistics visit Northwest Indiana Counties & State of Indiana Information by Category.

When employers are asked the number one reason they like to run a business in this area they universally respond “the work ethic of the people.”

The work ethic dates back to the roots of our Amish and Mennonite heritage that settled Goshen in 1834. While you can still see Amish with horses and buggies on our streets, Goshen is a dynamic and growing community. Today, Goshen is a city of over 32,000 residents nestled in the center of the northern Indiana county of Elkhart.

Our explosive growth is a result of others discovering that with an affordable cost of living and an industrious workforce, Goshen is great place to locate and grow a business.

Here is why Goshen is a great place to run a business.

Goshen (population 32,000) is the County seat for Elkhart County (population 200,000) adn has excellent connections to the Indiana Toll Road.  Chicgao, IL is onl 120 miles west, Indianapolis, IN is 130 miles south, Toledo, OH is 130 miles east, Grand Rapids, MI is onl 104 miles north, and Detroit, MI is 170 miles northeast.  The City of Goshen has a history of being busienss friendly adn Indiana is recognized for its low cost of doing business.  With a population of over 565,000 people, the five county combined metropolitan statistical area provides a diverse workforce from which to attract a quality workforce.

“The Goshen Chamber of Commerce is a wonderful and rewarding organization. It allows business professionals of all ages to not only promote their company, but also to establish and maintain both business and personal relationships which aid in the success of an individual’s career. I proudly serve as a Chamber Ambassador and see a true value in both my time and energy investment.”

Sharon Welsh • VP Private Banking, Lake City Bank