Champion Our Community’s Business Future

Together, Growing Goshen

We are pleased to introduce the next 3-year strategic plan for our chamber of commerce and the Goshen business community. The Goshen Chamber Board of Directors and Chamber staff have worked together over several months of planning to present this plan. The Chamber always encourages businesses to have their plans and update them, and we are no different.

The Chamber Board identified four strategic goals to focus on. Our focuses are to (1) advocate for the future leadership of the Goshen community, (2) connect all sectors of business leaders as we exemplify inclusion through our people, programs, and partnerships, (3) develop a network of problem-solvers to target solutions for economic issues hindering the Goshen community, and (4) inform businesses and entrepreneurs of the enhanced chamber resources available to guide their growth and sustainability. The Goshen Chamber will use this plan as a guide and reference point in guiding our business community over the coming years.

We will carry out these areas of focus by following the Goshen Chamber’s mission statement, which is simple, “Champion Our Community’s Business Future.” We must keep our eyes on providing space for all businesses to succeed in the Goshen area, and to be able to provide those businesses with the necessary resources they need to prosper.

Our vision statement reads:

The Goshen Chamber will continue to add value to all businesses through a strong partnership with Education and Government Leaders. Creating a business environment that will result in an inclusive community where businesses thrive, and people want to live.

Our Core Values

We are guided by our core values statement of:

The Goshen Chamber of Commerce believes that stronger communities are built through diverse and thriving businesses. This is accomplished through supporting all businesses by advocating, connecting, developing, and keeping businesses informed.

Our work is guided by the following core values: Integrity, Respect, Collaboration, Valuing All Businesses, Results Driven


GOAL #1: Advocate for the future leadership of the Goshen community

The Goshen Chamber wants to continue their tradition of leadership in the Goshen community. When business leaders come together and work on a common cause for the greater good, uncommonly great things are possible. The Chamber will continue to cultivate the next generation of business and community leaders through its programs. As our mission statement says, “To Champion Our Community’s Busines Future,” having business leaders step up and play a role in a business-friendly environment is essential.

Leadership Goshen

Continue to develop the program to ensure we are offering ways that attendees will continue to grow and understand not only their leadership potential but how to be leaders in the community.

Advocating for Business Needs

Continue to be the organization that leads discussions on issues related to the business community. We are the trusted voice for business and have built relationships with elected leaders that benefit businesses in a variety of ways.

Chamber Involvement in Education

The Goshen Chamber is a logical partner and link to convene the business community and education. We need to continue to partner with Manufacturing Day and other programs to foster the future of our workforce. We need to explore partnership with local stakeholders:

a. Goshen Community Schools

b. Bethany Christian Schools

c. Fairfield Schools

d. Goshen College

e. Ivy Tech

f. Horizon Education Alliance

g. Boys & Girls Club

h. Startup Moxie

GOAL 2: Connect all sectors of business as we exemplify inclusion through our people, programs, and partnerships

The Goshen Chamber strives to be the business resource center for the entire community of Goshen. The Goshen Chamber needs to continue to listen, learn, and implement programs and resources for all businesses of Goshen. Engaging all business leaders and connecting not only them, but their businesses to the entire Goshen community remains a critical initiative of the Goshen Chamber. We will continue to listen, learn, and engage with the community to strengthen Goshen as a whole.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Continue to partner with organizations and leaders in the Goshen area to ensure we are reaching the entire community with the resources that businesses and the community need. We need to continue to be leaders in provide training, education, and conversations in growing our community.

Resources for the whole Business Community

The Chamber must continue to provide information and resources in ways that engage the entire business community. Chamber programming, topics, events, and more need to plan with how to best engage the entire business community.

Chamber Programming

As the Chamber continues to focus on the entire business community, we need to be mindful to create inclusive programming, events, meetings for all types of businesses. Connecting all businesses to each other is what builds and drives a community, and a stronger more inclusive Chamber means a stronger and more inclusive Goshen.

GOAL #3: Develop a network of problem-solvers to target solutions for economic issues hindering the community

The Goshen Chamber has a long history of being the convener in town to bring the necessary people to the table to accomplish the economic development of our business community. Analyzing, discussing, and asking the tough questions plays a critical role in the development of the Goshen business community. Through the relationships the Goshen Chamber has fostered and cultivated, we will continue to be the source for development in Goshen working side-by-side with the City of Goshen and their Departments that make things possible.

Partner with Economic Development Groups

Continue to partner with Economic Development Groups and programs that keep Goshen top of mind. The Chamber should continue to represent Goshen at the highest of levels while ensuring that Goshen is ready for the future needs of the business community.

Stabilizing Existing Businesses

Create a “Chamber Challenge” for the Membership and community. Take the collective resources of the Goshen Chamber and lift up existing businesses in our community. Identify businesses that could directly benefit from this type of business support and reach their full business potential.

Engage with Goshen College and Goshen College Business Department to utilize resources the entire College has to offer.

Promote Goshen’s Quality of Place to potential businesses, residents, and visitors

Workforce development and employer needs continue to be a bottleneck. Look for ways to highlight Goshen and the amenities we have to offer.

Development in Goshen

Continue to work with both the City of Goshen and the Development community to ensure Goshen is ready for both residential and commercial growth. Having a place for people to live goes hand-in-hand with growth of the business community. Look for ways to address challenges, celebrate successes, and continue to collaborate with all parties to grow Goshen sustainably and smartly.

GOAL #4: Inform businesses and entrepreneurs of the enhanced chamber resources available to guide their growth and sustainability

The Goshen Chamber will continue to be a trusted and reliable resource for not just the business community, but the entire community. We will continue to highlight, promote, and showcase the Membership to Goshen, Elkhart County, and more. The collective knowledge that comes from sharing of ideas, sharing of expertise, and sharing advice will continue to cultivate the entrepreneurial epicenter of this region.

Targeted Member Contact

Create a Member portal and groups to have the ability to have targeted email information distributed and ability to connect members more easily. Host semi-annually or quarterly peer meetings with specific groups so that the Chamber hears from the business community sectors and can address issues directly to those that are affected.

Highlight Membership year-round

Create a Member Spotlight video/marketing promos to share on the Chamber’s social media outlets.

Programing for Business (i.e. Business Insurance, Legal Structures, Labor Law, Banking/Finance, Tax/reporting standards, Basic Accounting, Marketing, Franchising, etc.)

Create and record programming that is available for the business community to access. Look for ways to offer the programming in ways that the entire business community can benefit from.

Peer Group Meetings

Gather peer-group businesses together throughout the year to not only have them share their experiences but also learn ways the Chamber can aid in their business growth.

Current Programs and Events

Third House Legislative Updates

Wake Up! Goshen Information Series

Connect @ 4 Networking Events

Spare Time with the Chamber Networking Event

Founders’ Day Expo and Luncheon

Public Policy Committee

Sound of the Economy

Golf Outing Networking Event

Annual Meeting

Leadership Goshen

Indiana Small Business Development Center

Visitor and Information Center for Goshen

HR Network Information Series

Ambassador Committee

Women in Business Network

Young Professionals of Goshen