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Why Goshen?


Everything comes together in Goshen–or, more precisely, everybody.  There’s a special spirit that has always been here, and it’s wonderfully contagious.  You’ll see it all over town, from neighbors who help the new family on the block get moved in, to volunteers who help at a school.  People here are committed to working for the common good, which has helped make Goshen an uncommonly great place to live, work, and visit.  We’re a richly diverse community of folks, making this a place where you’re as likely to live near young professionals as retirees, and as apt to meet friends at First Fridays as at concert-at the college or just strolling downtown.  But what we share in common is the community ideal.  Together, we’ve worked to make Gohsen a place where business is good, manufacturing thrives, downtown bustles, artists create, entrepreneurs reach global markets, families find a friendly environment, good things take root, and people pitch in to make it all better.  It’s altogether different because we’re in it all together.  Some say Goshen s the way America used to be.  We say it’s the way to an uncommonly robust future.

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Central Location:

Goshen is the heart of the Midwest as well as the middle of Elkhart County. Chicago, just 120 miles to the west, is within easy reach by way of the Indiana Toll Road. Other major cities in proximity to Goshen include:

  • South Bend, 25 miles
  • Detroit, 170 miles; Toledo, 130 miles
  • Indianapolis, 140 miles
  • Cleveland, 250 miles

The city of Elkhart, with 54,000 residents is also close, being just 12 miles away.

Affordable Living:

The Goshen area is ranked annually as one of the top ten most affordable housing markets in the country. Actually, the cost of living in the Elkhart County area is among the nation’s most affordable. Yet with that affordable cost of living, there are new and older homes of all types that provide a wide range of choices.

Employment Abundant in Goshen:

Elkhart County is the home of the recreational vehicle industry, which makes up 23% of this area’s employment. Elkhart County is fortunate to have a high concentration of good paying manufacturing jobs. In fact, Elkhart County has the highest percentage in the country of total workforce employed in manufacturing. The city of Goshen actually maintains a low unemployment rate that is consistently at least one percentage point lower than the national average.

Education for Today and Tomorrow:

Like our community, Goshen Schools provide a wide range of opportunities for all students. The diversity of our community is also seen in our schools with 23 different languages spoken in the homes of Goshen students. The exposure to that rich diversity helps prepare students to successfully deal with the global marketplace of the 21st Century.

With approximately 5,500 children in the school system, Goshen is able to offer a wide range of academic opportunities to prepare children for higher education or work. By being one of only two schools in Indiana to receive the North Central Transition Endorsement, Goshen can credential students in academics, employment skills and career awareness.

For those students aspiring to higher education, there are duel credit courses at local and state colleges. Goshen is among the top 10% of schools in Indiana for National Merit Scholars. Also, for students heading directly into the workforce, Goshen is the leading system in the county for school-to-work placement.

Additionally, Goshen offers private schooling options. St John’s Elementary is an excellent Catholic based school for children Kindergarten through fifth grade. For younger children there is also a Montessori Academy in the community. For older children, there is Bethany Christian School that is a Mennonite based school that provides a quality education for grades fourth through twelve. Bethany is one of the top academic schools in the state, with average SAT scores that far exceed national and state averages.

As for higher education, the city is home to the county’s only four-year institution, Goshen College a 1,000-student liberal arts college with roots in the Mennonite Church. The school has very high academic standards and is well known for its outstanding international education programs. Most students actually spend a semester in a Study-Service term living abroad.

In addition to Goshen College, there are also extensive classes offered by Davenport University and Ivy Tech State College. Just forty-five minutes away, South Bend is the home to Notre Dame and Indiana University at South Bend.

Recreational Trails and Parks Abound:

The Maple City Greenway, a network of bicycle/pedestrian paths and hiking trails, connects residential neighborhoods, schools, parks, the library and the downtown area. It is one of the most comprehensive systems of its type in the Midwest, spanning 10 miles. Additionally the Pumpkinvine nature trail will eventually connect the entire region.

Elkhart County has five major county parks and Goshen has 17 city parks offering various recreational opportunities. For example, Shanklin Park is the home to Tommy’s Kids Castle, an enormous play structure that hundreds of children can use at one time, and there is also a large community pool.

Arts and Cultural Heritage Celebrated:

We celebrate our local Amish heritage at attractions and restaurants throughout the region. Additionally, Goshen is the home to a growing artisan community. Their work can be seen at many local guilds and The Old Bag Factory, a converted factory that is now the home to many local artists, furniture makers and craftsmen.

Goshen College also provides many cultural opportunities through their art and music programs. In the fall of 2002, Goshen College opened a music center with a 1,000-seat state of the art performance center. Their annual music series brings in top Performers from around the world.

In addition, the Maple City Chamber Orchestra is a growing community of volunteer musicians who share their love of music with the broader community by performing free quality concerts.

In July Goshen is the home to the Elkhart County 4-H Fair, which is the third largest county fair in the United States, drawing nearly 250,000 attendees in nine days. Aside from celebrating the county’s agricultural base, it also has many other attractions and nightly concerts headlined by top recording artists.

Shopping Includes National Retailers and a Charming Downtown Shopping District:

Shopping in Goshen provides a variety of selections. We are the home to national retailers like, Wal-Mart, Target and many others. That is only part of the Goshen shopping experience. There is also a historic downtown with upscale clothing stores, gift shops, three antique malls and even a chance to step back in time to an old-fashioned soda shop, the Olympia Candy Kitchen, that also offers a wide selection of their famous hand dipped chocolates.

There is also a Farmer’s Market open every Tuesday and Saturday to purchase the freshest produce from local farmers. The Old Bag Factory is also a wonderful collection of unique shops catering to more artistic interests. Antiquing is also popular with several stores located in the downtown and at Peddler’s Village, a large antique mall. Additionally, there is a wide selection of dining from Applebee’s to Chinese to Mexican and, of course, Amish.

Seniors Enjoy Retiring in Goshen:

Goshen is an excellent place for seniors to retire because they can enjoy an easy, active lifestyle with the comfort, convenience, and security older adults seeks. We are the home to Greencroft, which is the largest private senior care facility in Indiana. It is an award winning facility that offers seniors a wide choice of housing options and senior activities on their 165-acre campus. In response to the challenge of how to best serve residents, people on the waiting list for Greencroft housing, and those persons who prefer to remain in their own homes, Greencroft Senior Center was opened in 1987. Located on their campus, the Senior Center meets social, informational, recreational, and health needs of these persons.

There are other senior living communities and senior oriented housing near the college and Greencroft.

High Quality Healthcare Uncommon for a City Our Size:

The Goshen Health System is a provider of medical care for an individual’s complete health care needs, including an outstanding cancer treatment center. Goshen General Hospital has more than 180 highly qualified physicians and other providers on their medical staff in 29 specialties. There is also the Goshen Ambulatory Care Center that handles outpatient surgery.

In addition, our community is enhanced by the services of Oaklawn, who provides a wide range of mental health care resources. On their 78 acre campus they offer a comprehensive spectrum of psychiatric and addiction treatment services. Also for seniors, Greencroft offers an array of medical and rehabilitation medical services.

Service Oriented Community

Goshen is a community of people that care for each other. Evident by the presence of many active local service clubs and nonprofit service organizations, residents put both resources and time back into the community. We have a long tradition of service and caring for each other that is a characteristic that permeates our entire way of life. Goshen is also the home to 33 religious denominations with 64 local churches that actively give back to the community through a spirit of service and dedication.

Goshen is the “Center of It All!”

The strength of Goshen is our diverse population that is caring, supportive and friendly. We maintain that small town feel; yet offer the amenities found in larger cities. If variety is the spice of life, then Goshen truly is the center of it all.

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